Handbook on the Knowledge Economy, Volume Two

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Editor(s): David Rooney - Australia - Queensland's Business School | Greg Hearn - - | Tim Kastelle - - |
Publisher: Springer
Copyright: Springer; 2012
ISBN: ISBN-10: 3642247601 ISBN-13: 978-3642247606 |
Publish Date: 2012-01-04

Book Description

This thoroughly revised second edition of the Handbook on the Knowledge Economyexpands the range of issues presented in the first edition and reflects important new progress in research about knowledge economies.

Readers with interests in managing knowledge- and innovation-intensive businesses and those who are seeking new insights about how knowledge economies work will find this book an invaluable reference tool. Chapters deal with issues such as open innovation, wellbeing, and digital work that managers and policy makers are increasingly asked to respond to. Contributors to the Handbookare globally recognized experts in their fields providing valuable guidance.

This comprehensive and stimulating Handbook will prove an important resource for practitioners and academics in diverse areas of interest, including: knowledge management, innovation management, knowledge policy, social epistemology, and development studies . show more

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