Global Engineering, Manufacturing and Enterprise Networks

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Editor(s): John P T Mo - Australia - rmit | Laszlo Nemes - - |
Publisher: Springer
Copyright: Springer 2001
ISBN: ISBN-10: 0792373588 ISBN-13: 978-0792373582
Publish Date: 2001-05-31

Book Description

This state-of-the-art text is a collection of the effort of experts in the modelling, design and development of information infrastructures for global enterprises and networks working together in an active forum. The problems in establishing and managing the dynamics of inter- and intra-enterprises in the present day fast-changing global operating manufacturing scenario requires universal applicability of enterprise integration architectures, methodologies and information infrastructure support. New requirements are emerging due to advancements in information and telecommunication technologies. In particular, the capability of information infrastructure and intelligent manufacturing systems to capture and transform information in globally distributed enterprise networks into knowledge for decision and action by machine and skilful people is becoming increasingly important for the success of virtual enterprises. These issues are thoroughly discussed in this book under the fields of: Virtual enterprises; Modelling and analysis of virtual enterprises; Supply chain management; e-Commerce and e-Service; Product development and life cycle management; Knowledge management; Information technologies for manufacturing, and; Computer integrated manufacturing. This valuable new book will be essential reading and reference for researchers, engineers and managers at all levels involved in the present day business models of virtual enterprises and manufacturing networks. It is also a comprehensive text for students on enterprise integration, modelling methodologies and applications of information and telecommunication technologies. Show More

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