Leaders in Curriculum Studies

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Editor(s): Edmund C. Short - - | Leonard J. Waks - USA - |
Publisher: Sense Publishers
Copyright: Sense Publishers 2009
ISBN: ISBN-10: 9087908504 ISBN-13: 978-9087908508
Publish Date: 2009-03-27

Book Description

This book offers an ideal companion to courses in curriculum studies and a guide for scholars seeking to understand the main currents in this field today. In a single volume it presents a bird's eye view of the entire field as told in the words of its leading figures. "This collection casts a bright light on the identity of the field of curriculum studies and its evolution. The essays make for wonderfully accessible and engaging reading. They are even more impressive in the fluency with which the authors use their individual histories to illuminate the field. We in the next cohort might take a page from their experiences, ideas, accomplishments, and sometimes explicit advice." From the Foreword by Reba Page. Show More

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