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Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Technology and Business (ISITB)

Editor-in-chief: S. S. Msanjila , Mzumbe University, Tanzania, Email:
Published: Quarterly
Copyright: 2012, North American Institute of Science and Information Technology (NAISIT)
ISSN: ISSN 1923-970X (Print) - ISSN 1923-9718 (On-line) - ISSN 1923-9726 (CD-ROM)

Web-based System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Projects
1 : Volume 1, Issue 1: January -March 2013 ( 2013-03 )



This study explored the need for monitoring and evaluation system in an environment of a university in a third world country. Two methods were employed for data collection, which are qualitative and quantitative methodology combined with participatory action research methodology. Also prototype approach was used as method for system development. Group discussions were conducted during a workshop to establish the user requirements. The use of focus group during a workshop helped the authors to understand problematic areas with regard to project monitoring and evaluation at Sokoine University of Agriculture. After identifying challenges related to monitoring and evaluation, then a need for an interactive web-based information system was felt. The authors endeavored to develop a web–based monitoring and evaluation system to supplement conventional projects monitoring and evaluation system. This web-based system has been tested and approved as reference system for other institutions or organization involved in monitoring and evaluation of programmes involving several projects or schemes.

Author(s): CAMILIUS SANGA - Tanzania - Sokoine University of Agricultue
KADEGE FUE - Tanzania - Sokoine University of Agricultue
NEEMA NICODEMUS - Tanzania - Sokoine University of Agricultue
F.T.M. KILIMA - Tanzania - Sokoine University of Agricultue
Keywords: Agricultural projects, ICT, web based projects monitoring and evaluation system
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