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Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Technology and Business (ISITB)

Editor-in-chief: S. S. Msanjila , Mzumbe University, Tanzania, Email:
Published: Quarterly
Copyright: 2012, North American Institute of Science and Information Technology (NAISIT)
ISSN: ISSN 1923-970X (Print) - ISSN 1923-9718 (On-line) - ISSN 1923-9726 (CD-ROM)

Analyzing inter-organizational trust with multi-model view
1 : Volume 1, Issue 1: January -March 2013 ( 2013-03 )


Problem: Organizations operating in today’s digital and virtual business world need to trust each other in order to establish a successful goal oriented collaboration. This has become an amenable aspect considering the fact that customer’s demands are very dynamic and opportunities are increasingly becoming volatile for a single specialized organization to equip itself in terms of specific market resources, market capital and market competencies. While trust is seen clearly as an amenable obstacle to overcome, in research it has been proved that trust in one organization varies per trustor due to differences in perception, preferences and interpretations on what it means by trusting others. This makes the process of creating an inter-organizational trust difficulty and requiring rationality. Methodology and Solution: A large set of complex criterion indicators representing large volume of heterogeneous aspects must be considered in order to cover any possible emerging trust objective. This article presents a multi-modeling approach for developing mechanisms which adopt multi-criteria in analyzing trust in organizations.

Author(s): Simon Samwel Msanjila - Tanzania - Mzumbe University
Keywords: trust, inter-organizational trust, trust modeling, multi-modeling approach
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