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Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Technology and Business (ISITB)

Editor-in-chief: S. S. Msanjila , Mzumbe University, Tanzania, Email:
Published: Quarterly
Copyright: 2012, North American Institute of Science and Information Technology (NAISIT)
ISSN: ISSN 1923-970X (Print) - ISSN 1923-9718 (On-line) - ISSN 1923-9726 (CD-ROM)

The influence of Business Process re-engineering on Service Quality: Evidence from Service Industry in Tanzania
1 : Volume 1, Issue 1: January -March 2013 ( 2013-03 )


Problem Statement: In today’s business environment, customers are focusing on getting quality services that meet their expectations.   Poor quality services leads to loss of customers, and this is particularly so with service industry. Therefore, service organizations need to offer services that delight customers. Improved business has been reported to be associated with dramatic improved service quality. Despite documented potentiality, there are mixed empirical results, findings and conclusions regarding the benefits of BPR on service quality. Therefore, this paper aimed at assessing and explaining the effects of BPR and service delivery speed on service quality. Methodology: The study used cross-sectional survey design to investigate the effect of BPR on service quality. Intensive literature review enabled to construct structural measurement model, formulate testable hypotheses and to operationalize constructs. In total ninety five (95) service organizations participated in the study. Results: Results of the study reveal that BPR positively directly and indirectly affects service quality. In the indirect effect, it was found that BPR positively affects delivering speed which in turn affects service quality. Therefore from these finding, it has been revealed that BPR has significant positive effect on both service quality and delivering speed. Conclusion: BPR influences both service quality and delivery speed of service organizations in of Tanzania. Based on the results, findings and conclusions from this study, it is recommended that service organizations should have concrete plans when adopting BPR techniques, which are considered key to improved service quality. In that way, service organizations will provide services that delight customers.

Author(s): JOSEPH SUNGAU - Tanzania - Mzumbe University
PHILIBERT C. NDUNGURU - Tanzania - Mzumbe University
JOSEPH KIMEME - Tanzania - Mzumbe University
Keywords: Process Re-engineering, Service Quality, Service Organization, Information Technology
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